One gets a good taste of the Karoo landscape whilst driving through the Karoo National Park. The environment there is so arid that it is difficult to believe that millions of years ago it was covered by a shallow sea.  Look at these beautiful hills and carved out valleys.

The sky is beautifully clear and ‘big’; the air is crisp.

The rock-strewn valley floors are sparsely covered with typical Karoo vegetation.

This flock of ostriches seem to have an endless vista through which to explore.

Mountains and hills provide a worthy backdrop to the flattish valley floor.

I leave you with a closer look at the rocky layer that forms the top of one of the many hills.

24 thoughts on “KAROO LANDSCAPE

    • It is both vast and open … one can feel the peace stealing over one as well as awe at the ability of plants and animals to survive in such an arid environment.

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  1. The coloring of the rocks is similar to what you see in our southwestern states. I traveled through some as a youngster but would like to go back someday and explore. I would stop dead in my tracks if I were lucky enough to see an ostrich.


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