For the past few years the catchment dams around our town have dried up completely during the drought, leaving the town heavily dependent on water piped in from the Orange River via the Fish River. In June last year Milner Dam looked like this:

It has taken months after rain in March  – none of it heavy downpours, but all within the catchment area – for enough water to finally seep through the surrounding countryside so that it could begin filling the dam. This view of it was taken in March:

I felt such a thrill of excitement at seeing the sky reflected off the water! The water level is still very shallow and the dam is still very far from being operational once more. There is less water in it now, two months later, and even less chance of any further rain coming as winter is peeping around the corner. I am hoping though that the dam won’t dry up completely and that more water will come through along with the summer.


26 thoughts on “MILNER DAM

  1. This is an all too familiar sight to me. The hope that a wisp of dark cloud brings and the sheer happiness of a few inches of water …..I understand and hope it will translate into more water.


  2. Gosh that drough sounds scary! I have seen reservoirs around here very low but never completely dry and that was worryoing enough. I hope you get rain soon but in a way that doesn’t just cause flooding. I gather that very dry ground can’t absorb water if it comes in a deluge but needs to be gradually moistened.


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