I feel the need to brighten up this blog a little for this tends to be a drab time of the year. As today is the fourth of the month, I decided to take the fourth picture from four different years that show aspects of my garden – bar one:

Look at the shape of these feet.

Five minutes away from home.

These Cape gooseberries were turned into jam.


27 thoughts on “RANDOM PICTURES

  1. Rocking a rather rad septum ring there!



  2. What a brilliant idea to choose pictures in that way! I keep forgetting that your seasons are the opposite to ours – we are just getting the most colour.


  3. I have a few cape gooseberry plants in my planter boxes right now! They are only a couple of inches high so far, but they are liking the recent heat with rain, and growing faster… I just eat them like candy 🙂


    • The fruit is delicious. Thanks to the drought, we haven’t had a good crop this year. I notice some seedlings growing up around the garden though, so better luck next time 🙂

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