Whenever I scroll through my photographs I am surprised at the number of patterns that jump out at me. At the risk of boring readers with yet another lot, I have a few more to show. The first are raindrops on the grass. There is a great delight in these shining drops for we received some unexpected rain last week – enough to green up the grass on my unmown lawn and to give the flowers in the garden a ‘lift’:

After the rain comes sunshine and these patterns shining on the side of our swimming pool caught my eye. The pool was filled with grit and leaves after the rain:

Thanks to the ongoing drought, it is a while since I have been able to enjoy large marigolds in the garden. None of the many seeds planted this year have shown a sign of sprouting. Nonetheless, I enjoyed finding this picture in my archives:

I have shown several Eucalyptus trees of late; here is a closer look at the leaves of one of the trees growing around the corner from where I live:

Next is a picture regular readers may be familiar with. This is Bryan, the angulate tortoise that came to live in our garden for some time until eventually the desire to travel on overcame him. I love the pattern on his shell:

Lastly, I cannot resist adding this stained glass window:










33 thoughts on “A RANGE OF PATTERNS

  1. Always interesting to see the patterns you observe.

    Love the swimming-pool caustics!



  2. I shall happily view all the photos you are willing to post. It’s remarkable to see the world through your eyes, and to learn from your detailed information about the rich variety of flora and fauna you observe.


  3. I love shimmering raindrops on foliage after a rain. Glad to hear you received some. We’re receiving some welcome rain here today… it has been dry and I had to water as the temps hit 30C+ this weekend. Luckily, a cool front came through bringing showers. Our plants aren’t adapted to dry conditions like yours are.
    I enjoy your patterns in nature posts, Anne, keep them coming!


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