These photographs were taken in the Hout Bay – Llandudno area:

I enjoy the rippling of the sand on this dune.

Even a dead crab causes the sand to form a pattern around it.

A child’s footprints on the wet sand make an appealling pattern.

The curl of low-tide waves before sun set.

A view of Hout Bay from the Chapman’s Peak road.

43 thoughts on “SOME SEASCAPES

  1. Also, while perusing the map of the Cape for other Welsh names, I came across Simon’s Town… Not very Welsh, I know, but my dad spent some time there during the War. And, nearby I noticed the location of Able Seaman Just Nuisance’s grave. My dad had told me all about him!


    • This is very interesting to know! Simon’s Town is beautiful. Have you any idea what your dad was doing there during the war?There is a statue of Just Nuisance on Jubilee Square in Simon’s Town πŸ™‚


  2. Lovely! Like those footprints.

    I’d imagine your Llandudno must be a little different from our one πŸ˜‰



    • Thank you very much indeed. The footprints are those of my youngest granddaughter who was undaunted about walking through the icy water of the Atlantic Ocean. I much prefer the warmer water of the Indian Ocean!


    • I lived close to a beach for a year – a landlubber’s dream – and realised the downside to the proximity to the sea and the beach included rust spots on my car and mildew in the cupboards.


  3. I need to get back to the beach! For us, August and September are the best months. Summer is often foggy and cold on the northern California beaches… I want to be out there when it’s sunny like in your photos.


    • How strange that your beaches are cold during the summer – must be the foggy conditions. Ours are pleasant throughout the year (unless the wind blows) even if the sea is sometimes too cold for swimming.

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