A number of wild flowers brighten up the Eastern Cape landscape during the year. A small, yet bright, flower that grows in the grasslands and blooms intermittently throughout the year is the very pretty Jamesbrittenia microphylla, also known as purple phlox:

I count myself fortunate to see examples of Tritonia securigera, or orange tritonia, as they often appear as single blooms with no others nearby:

Indigenous throughout the eastern parts of South Africa is the very beautiful Plumbago auriculata, commonly known simply as plumbago or Cape leadwort. It has become a popular plant for gardens and so it is special to see it growing in the wild:

Then there is the Carpobrotus edulis. one of the many in this family commonly known as sour fig. It blooms during the late winter into the spring:

Flowers I look forward to every winter and never tire of is Aloe ferox, sometimes called bitter aloe. It is one of the most widely distributed aloes and grows well in dry areas – blooming from about May through to August:

Lastly is the very beautiful Schotia brachypetala, known as tree fuchsia or the weeping boer-boon. It generally flowers from spring into early summer:


  1. I’ve been watching David Attenborough’s new series ‘The Green Planet’ on (highly recommended, amazing filmwork) and episode 3 had a bit on SA fynbos. It stated that it has the most diverse flora on the planet. Wow. They showed how fire is a requisite for the ecosystem, and featured fire lilies that bloom after one goes through. Amaaaazing!

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  2. lovely orange colours



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