… commonly called Mountain Drive above Grahamstown. We first look down on the N2 as it passes through fossil-rich shale cuttings as it bypasses the town on its way to East London in one direction and Port Elizabeth in the other:

A little further on we can look down on the back end of the 1820 Settlers Monument (simply known as The Monument) and its beautiful surrounds with Grahamstown stretching out below:

Now we can zoom into one of the older suburbs:

When we look over the hill on the other side, we can see the Southwell valley stretching out before us – an area of private game reserves, dairy farms, pineapple farms and mixed farming:

These scenes give you another glimpse of where I live.

28 thoughts on “SCENES FROM THE RIETBERG …

  1. I like how your photos show both the panoramic view (“the big picture”), as in this post, and the close-up views (as many of your flower and bird photos do).


    • Thank you very much, Dennis. I have to remind myself to show more of the ‘big picture’ for I tend to home in on the small things πŸ™‚


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