We are so used to seeing elephants browsing, drinking, walking, or simply standing, that it is interesting to watch them move when in a hurry. These ones had already spent time at a waterhole, had gone through the greeting rituals with new arrivals, and were now doubtless off to find a suitable place for a meal.

I don’t know what had caused these kudu to run. Whenever animals hare off like this, we naturally scan the veld in all directions in case a predator might lie in wait … nothing that exciting this time.

As we watched the last of the kudu run past in a hurry, we noticed these warthog following suit. Look at the way they hold their tails whilst running.

Naturally we waited for a while … nothing happened … these animals all settled down to feed a little further on as though nothing untoward had happened.

23 thoughts on “ANIMALS IN A HURRY

  1. Those elephants are indeed on the move. Love your description of them. As for the warthogs and Kudus…something must have spooked them. Thanks for pointing out how they hold their tails. Cute!


  2. Tea-time rush hour?



  3. These lovely photos of yours, Anne, makes me think of the early mornings in Mountain Zebra National Park, where the blesbok and wildebeest invariably all seem to be out for a jog at first light every morning!


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