South Africans are no strangers to drought and so we can empathise with the extremely dry conditions being experienced in parts of Europe. Some spring rains have arrived here – the hope is always for more! We all need water to survive and so I share some pictures of various creatures taking a much needed drink in the Addo Elephant National Park. The first are vervet monkeys enjoying a drink from puddles in the road:

This elephant was slaking its thirst at the Marion Baree water hole:

The Woodlands water hole is where these zebra gathered for their drink:

On a different occasion a single warthog visited the same water hole:

Ring-necked doves took deep draughts of water at Carol’s Rest water hole:

This was before they were ousted by a red hartebeest:


26 thoughts on “WATER IS LIFE

  1. Your beautiful images prove that Addo’s waterholes are great places to sit and wait for the animals and birds to come to you rather than driving around looking for them. Only problem is deciding which of the many to choose!


    • There were several elephants here. Usually one of them likes to find the inlet pipe – all the waterholes in the national park are artificial – if the water is being pumped in to get at the freshest water. It tells us how well the guts of wild animals can deal with what we would regard as unpotable water!

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  2. This is quite a collection of critters enjoying precious water. Amazing they never get ill from the dirty water – the muddy water in the picture with the elephant – of course he might have just had a mud bath.


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