Google Photos reminded me of flowers I had photographed with my cell phone on this day last year. Given the drought, changes in temperature, some unexpected rain, and the general wear and tear of my garden that does not have the luxury of being watered, I thought it would be interesting to compare the 2021 images with those taken exactly a year later. The first is one of the many Osteospermum spp. commonly known as an African daisy. Last year this was newly planted:

Over the past year this daisy bush has come close to dying from heat and a serious lack of water. I have poured buckets of water over it to revive it and it has held on bravely. It has grown in size, but is regularly flattened by the doves – and especially the speckled pigeons – that trample over it in their quest for seeds that fall on the ground from the hanging feeders.

Last year the indigenous Crassula multicava, widely known as fairy crassula, added both beauty and much-needed ground cover during even the driest months.

Some light rain over the past month has given this hardy plant a boost and it is growing thickly all over the garden. This photograph is of the same bank of flowers as the previous one.

The clivias growing along our front garden path came into bloom, providing bright spots of colour in an otherwise shady part of the garden.

This year the flowers have opened more fully earlier – also there are many more buds in various stages of opening than we had in 2021.


26 thoughts on “MY GARDEN THEN AND NOW

  1. I have just re-read kate Humble’s book ‘A year of living simply’ in which she describes trying, with help, to start a garden and remarks that whilst it is often seen as something for retired people to do to fill their days it is actually hard and constant work!

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  2. Interesting to compare years… I may not have photos, but I can clearly see that this year’s drought has had its effect on my own garden. We have had so little rain this summer, which is not usual for us. Like yours, plants are valiantly holding on!


  3. I’m in the US Midwest, close to the western edge of Lake Michigan. It’s been a hard year here for plants too… This spring, almost all the tulips got eaten, and things haven’t gotten much better from there. I want to do pictures of my kids before the weather turns cold, and usually we do this in the yard, but this year, I’m probably going to have to find a different location.


    • Thank you for your visit, Katja. We all seem to be plagued by one thing or another as far as our gardens are concerned. Perhaps your current garden background will remind your children of what the situation was like this year. We all certainly hope it will improve.

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    • Thank you. While no rain is forecast for the next while, we are at least entering what should be the rainy season for here. I am glad you also have clivias to enjoy.


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