Before these pictures get ‘lost’ in the depths of my archives, I must introduce you to a visitor who arrived unannounced on (should I say at?) my front door near the end of July. I first saw the shape of the visitor as I walked down the passage … and gingerly opened the door to see my visitor face to face… it was a very large stick insect (Phasmida).

There are a variety of stick insects in this country and I think this is only about the third time I have seen one in our garden. From the pictures I have perused, it might be a Cape Stick Insect (Phalces brevis) but I am not putting my head on a block about the accuracy of this identification. This is what its head looks like:

The tail end looks like this:

Our visitor remained on the outside of our front door – barely moving its position – for three days before it left. I ‘safely’ measured it against my hand from the other side of the glass and found it was a lot longer than my hand. Actually, despite their size, stick insects are not harmful to humans.



  1. Volgens Google simboliseer hierdie outjie “new beginnings, transformation, hope and strength”. Hy het die regte voordeur gekies om by te kuier, want by jou is daar liefde vir die natuur.


  2. nice find! cool that he decided to stick around for a while 😉



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