I am thoroughly enjoying the feast of wild flowers this spring. Not all of them a large or bright. This Crotolaria spp was growing low to the ground or in between rocks – so many of these yellow blossoms that I simply had to bend low for a better look.

While bending low, it was worthwhile photographing the attractive leaves of the Crassula perforata, which seems to be very common in the Fish River Valley of the Eastern Cape – where all of these photographs were taken.

Very eye-catching at the moment are the bright flowers of the Opuntia ficus-indica, otherwise known as the Sweet Prickly Pear, which originates from Mexico. Many South Africans will attest to the desirability of this fruit.

Draping the tops of several shrubs in the area are these attractive pelargoniums.

Although I have Plumbago auriculata growing in my garden, it is wonderful to see these flowers blooming in the wild!


20 thoughts on “EASTERN CAPE FLOWERS

    • The Crassula perforata is commonly known as the skewer plant because the leaves that are fused in pairs surrounding the stem are apparently akin to pieces of meat on a skewer.


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