This is the fifth time I have devoted a post to the Streaky-headed Seed-eater (Crithagra gularis) and these photographs span the past six years for they are not as easy to find out in the open as one might imagine. I make no apologies for I think these rather understated dun coloured birds are often overlooked and need a spot in the limelight now and then. This one is perched on Morrigan’s feeder.

Although I generally see only one pair at any time, this one is sharing the feeder with a weaver.

I have tried out different shapes of feeders and this one is being checked out with care.

Streaky-headed Seed-eaters also often eat the seeds that fall to the ground, although this means having to compete with Laughing Doves and a variety of weavers.

I suspect this is why they tend to wait until the main rush of feeding is over so that they can take their time to feed unhindered by other birds. Nonetheless, this one is not taking any chances and is making sure to take a mouthful of seeds!

Like all birds, they like to drink during the day. I used to place this shallow bowl on the lawn (which was still green in 2016!) to make photography a lot easier. With the trio of cats next door, this is no longer possible and I have opted for pedestal bird baths.




  1. You have a marvelous collection of images of these birds, Anne, and while their plumage is rather drab they’re still very beautiful as I am concerned. We are blessed with their presence in our garden only very occasionally.


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