I follow the principle that each new day is a fresh start for me, no matter how the previous day ended.

It is like starting with a fresh slate; a new beginning that holds the promise for greater fulfillment and positivity.

Sometimes one simply needs a new perspective in order to get back onto an even keel or to find the solution to a concern.

Each new life holds the possibility for exploration … and each new day is akin to starting from the beginning, only a little wiser.

There is a sense of a new adventure waiting in the wings every day, if only we care to look around us.

I have so far enjoyed the adventure of discovering wild flowers in this new season as spring unfolds different floral treasures every week. The pompon trees in our garden are just coming into flower and will soon be covered with a mass of these pink beauties.


32 thoughts on “A NEW …

  1. splendid. lovely little elephant!



  2. That is a great philosophy … I liked the first picture of the sunset ending the prior day, but my favorite was the baby elephant walking under its mom, just clearing that space. 🙂


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