With the yellow flowers on their way out, I thought you might like to see this cow among them:

The Jacaranda blossoms are looking superb at the moment both on the trees and the carpets of them on the ground. The cows enjoy eating them too:


23 thoughts on “COWS AND FLOWERS

  1. I imagine the Jacaranda flowers are very sweet – they’re sticky with nectar – but I also wonder how many bee stings the cattle get on their tongues, because I’ve only ever once dared to go barefoot over a carpet of jacaranda flowers and my swollen, spongy, itchy bee sting covered feet then swore never to do it again.


    • Jacaranda blossoms and bare feet do NOT go together at all – I think we all learn that to our cost very early on πŸ™‚ These cattle actively seek out the blossoms, so perhaps they enjoy the taste of the nectar.

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  2. So many blossoms to munch – so little time. Sometime in the next few months, I’ll have some pics of a deer munching on Water Lotuses. I might have mentioned this to you when you posted the Lily pictures. It is forbidden to pick these American Lotuses or harvest the seeds from the hard seed pods, yet this deer was merrily munching away.


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