This post is dedicated to those readers experiencing extremely cold conditions in the northern hemisphere. To brighten your lives, we are going to look at some elephants today.

Eating deep in the bush – where it is easy to disappear from view in seconds.

Testing the clean water at a waterhole.

Eating spiky thorns with no apparent discomfort.

Everyone enjoys seeing baby elephants.

Getting the hang of using the dangling trunk to drink.

Finding the trunk useful for splashing about!

It is fun to jostle about as one grows older.


35 thoughts on “LET US LOOK AT ELEPHANTS

  1. Delightful! Yes, it’s cold up here, to get below 0 degrees next week. We did walk outside yesterday since there wasn’t much wind. Only wildlife: squabbling house sparrows.


  2. Thank you! My new boss is jetting back home to Cape Town on Monday, and I must say I envy her going back to some sun :-). And yes, I too love a baby elephant with their ears that look too big for them and their slightly-out-of-control trunks.

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  3. the thoughtful gesture is kindly appreciated




  4. It looks like it is fun to be a baby elephant. Is there ever a baby animal that is not sweet, even one that as a newborn weighs 165 kg (364 lb.). (I had to Google as I was curious.)


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  6. Reading today, while I sit in Kansas (USA) and watch a few snowflakes dancing around due to our fierce northwest wind, even with the pale winter sun peeking out. So, yes, I am enjoying your summer pictures. And love the pictures of the interactions of elephants in their families/communities. I find their caring remarkable.


  7. So beautiful this post of yours! To see elephants wandering free in the wild, finding food and water, being happy, priceless! I needed a post like this after researching, for my latest article, the topic of elephants as endangered species. Their numbers are so low that it broke my heart. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share with you here a link, but we are all elephants lovers here and you might want to know. https://4tinyhands.com/2023/04/28/elephants-a-keystone-species-are-endangered/


    • I am glad you found this. The Addo Elephant National Park is within an easy drive from where I live and so we are privileged to see them as often as we are able to find the time to visit.


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