Some of you may remember the surprise courier packages I received, one of which carried the prominent label FRAGILE Handle with care LIQUID INSIDE. The first of the bottles I sampled is Bruce Jack Cabernet Sauvignon.

When you turn to the more serious looking label you might find there is something cheeky about the ‘stamp’ declaring it to have been INSPECTED by the Bruce Jack Dept of Utmost Quality, which has passed it as having been crafted for freshness.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, it is said – but before twisting open the screw cap on the closure, take a close look at the capsule. The one on this bottle contains intricate drawings of grapes being cut from the vine in the company of South Africa’s national bird, the Blue crane.

A rooster perches on top of filled wine barrels.

An all-important bee features prominently above the globe – an indication of the reach of this wine company – with swallows flying in the sky. The details here fit in with the company’s claim to “aim to leave our land in a better state than we found it.”

The first thing I noticed after pouring this wine is the beautiful dark red colour, which I like very much. The rich smooth taste is soft and full-bodied, but initially left a fairly sharp aftertaste. I found it was best to let the wine breathe in the glass for a while for the best tasting experience. The rest of this ready-to-drink wine still tasted delicious the following day. If you are put off by cheeky looking labels, do yourself a favour and look past this one in order to enjoy to the full what lies behind it. I didn’t detect the notes of mint chocolate crunch with a twirl of blueberry – you might!



    • I was simply going to agree with you, yet your remark sent me to Google to look up wine tasting notes. Perhaps I should study them more for they proved to be very interesting. At the end of it all though, either I like or dislike the taste of a particular wine – or coffee!


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