My focus of late had been on flowers that emit a delightful fragrance. Although these ones do not occur naturally around here, but are indigenous to the Western Cape, the Podalyria calyptrate, also known as Sweetpea fits into this category.

It is fast growing and bears masses of pretty pink, sweetly scented flowers that show a close resemblance to the sweetpeas grown in gardens all over the world. The flowering period is usually from about September until December.

The plant has velvety silvery leaves which adds to the attractiveness of this plant.

Naturally, the flowers attract bees, butterflies and birds โ€“ a good reason for planting some of these bushes in oneโ€™s garden if one lives in the right area, for their natural habitat includes sandstone slopes, coastal streams and damp places.




  1. So pretty, Anne! And peas are good for the soil, what with their nitrogen-fixing nodules. I think if I visited the Cape I would be amazed at the plants….


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  3. Although I can’t smell the flowers’ fragrances, I enjoy the photos. But your opening paragraph reminded me of something. When I was teaching writing, I told the students that I wanted them in one assignment to make me see what they saw and were describing, hear what they heard, smell what they smelled. The next class period, one student turned in an essay at the end of which he had attached a scratch-and-sniff sticker so I could smell what he was describing! Too bad you can’t do that with the flower photos in your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚


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