Here is a Mountain Tortoise – also commonly known as a Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) I came across on the edge of a country road. This one required no assistance crossing the road at all.

It moved with surprising swiftness to get out of the way and tackled the climb up the steep (for it) edge of the road with surprising ease. Their rear legs are well developed while the almost paddle-shaped and pigeon-toed front legs with a row of small nails are used to move very fast and easily manoeuvre over rocky terrain – as this one is doing.

First one back leg stretched out behind it and then the other as it gained traction.

It soon hauled itself to the top.

From there it could make its way quickly through the grass … and disappear!


22 thoughts on “FASTER THAN YOU THINK

  1. I love tortoises – such fascinating creatures and it is indeed amazing how fast they can move. They are all over the place in Struisbaai at the moment and with all the holiday makers many, sadly, are being run over.

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