You see enough of the regular visitors to our garden, so I thought of spreading my wings a little to show you a sampling of some of the many other birds we see in this country. First up though is a native of Australia that turns up in odd places – the Black Swan:

The rest of the birds on show today are indigenous and the first of these is a large local resident at some lakes, dams and rivers – the Goliath Heron:

A bird that is ubiquitous all over South Africa – and which is making increasing inroads in the UK – is the Egyptian Goose:

Some time ago I proudly showed you photographs of the flamingos we were able to observe in the West Coast National Park. This flock of Greater Flamingos is flying over a dam in Gauteng:

Although I do not see them very often, the African Black Duck is fairly commonly observed along streams and rivers in this country:

Lastly, I want to show off a common resident seen all over South Africa, especially around freshwater wetlands. I think the Three-banded Plover is a particularly attractive bird:


31 thoughts on “NOT IN MY GARDEN

  1. Lovely birds. Did you know the collective noun for flamingoes is fandango? I didn’t until I heard it on the radio. I think it’s wonderful.
    The programme was talking about how flamingoes have special friends that they hang out with. Who knew?


  2. Lovely photos of these favourites, Anne. We used to see the Black Swan at the False Bay Nature Reserve (Strandfontein Sewage Works) near Zeekoeivlei quite frequently. (Of course, also been fortunate enough to see them in Australia.)


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