While much of South Africa is covered in grassland, pockets of natural forest survive, such as this one clinging to the steep sides of a gorge.

Succulents such as this Haworthia reinwardtii are rewarding to come across whilst walking in the veld.

Patches of pink brighten up indigenous forests – and our garden – when the Dais cotonifolia are in bloom.

The Cape Honeysuckle is coming into bloom now.

Aloes are also coming into bloom and will brighten up the autumn and winter landscape before long.

The Eastern Cape is home to the Spekboom (Portulacaria Afra), a hardy succulent favoured by elephants and a wonderful garden plant.



    • Much of our country is semi-arid to arid and so it is not surprising that this part of the world can lay claim to having the richest and most diverse succulent flora in the world – much of it sadly overlooked by gardeners keen to emulate the lush ‘English’ gardens magazines make so much of.


  1. Most woodland here is on the steep sides of valleys because those are places where farm machinery cannot go. And they tend to be the wetter places.

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  2. I once had large pots of Cape Honeysuckle of my own! I had no idea what it was for several years, but finally I identified it. The bees and hummingbirds loved it, and it was a prolific bloomer. It would go into dormancy around November or so, and then in February I’d give it a heavy pruning and it would take off again. I finally (and with many tears — some real) gave it away to a friend with a real yard, and it thrived for her, too. The terrible freeze of 2021 finally did in most of it, but she dug up a bit of it and brought it indoors, and that bit is now growing in one of her pots.

    Such fun to see the plant on its home territory!

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  3. Lots of beauties, but the first picture is the one that amazes me. Maine is 80 percent forested, but I have never seen trees clinging to the side of a gorge like that. Perhaps I just haven’t been in the right places.


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