I featured a photograph of a very beautiful Knysna Turaco perched in my garden during my April garden-bird round-up. Here is another view of it.

What has it to do with my birthday? Coincidence? Serendipity?

A friend whom I seldom see as she has moved to one of the coastal towns pinned us both down for tea today. As the date approached and the weather improved, she announced that I was to provide some savoury snacks and she would bring the rest.

The rest?

It turned out that as she had the opportunity to see me during the latter part of the afternoon she had decided we should celebrate my birthday early with … gin. Not any old gin, but Knysna Gin.

This is delicious! We added frozen mixed berries for an extra festive flair – a successful move.

It is made in a copper pot still by the Knysna Distillery and, according to their website, “features nine different botanicals, including the Knysna Lourie’s favourite food, the Num Num berry [also known as Natal Plum],

almonds from Sedgefield, honeybush from the Crags, and Mondei Whitei from Limpopo.” All in all a very interesting tasting combination.

This was a happy – and tasty – early birthday surprise.



  1. Happy early bird Birthday! 🥳 The Knysna Turaco is a joyful sight. I’m not a gin drinker (only a bit of red wine for me) but Knysna Distillery sure knows how to make theirs sound good. 😄


  2. Happy Birthday! For some reason flavoured gins have become very popular over here and as I am known to enjoy a G&T friends have given various ones to me as gifts for Birthdays and Christmas. But Knysna is not one I have seen. Your friend is one to treasure for pinning you down to a date and providing a bottle fro celebratory purposes!


    • Ek het, dankie Una. ‘n Hele naweek in die Mountain Zebra National Park met my kleinboetie and nog twee dae saam met hom en sy vrou by ons huis; baie oproepe en boodskappe … ek voel omhels met liefde van familie en vriende.

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