Few of us wake up looking ready to face the day without help. This African Green Pigeon took advantage of the early morning sunshine to smooth its ruffled feathers:

Nearby, a Red-winged Starling found a feather out of place:

A Knysna Turaco would not show its face until it knew that it would look perfect for the day:

This Grey-headed Gull had some important preening to do too:

It was important for this African Penguin to check on its armpits before deciding whether it had to swim to get clean or swim to catch breakfast:

If you think that all this preening and getting ready for the day is for the birds, take a look at this Vervet Monkey giving itself a thorough grooming!


29 thoughts on “MORNING ABLUTIONS

  1. That reminds me, I must have a shave.

    I read a very gloomy article about your power supply problems in my newspaper today. It doesn’t look as though things are going to get any better.


  2. That penguin! For some reason, that image made me laugh; I suppose it’s partly because they’re such improbable creatures, and of course totally foreign to my part of the world.


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