Several overseas readers have commented on the lovely aloe blooms I feature now and then and some remark that while they have seen aloes, they have not seen them in bloom. With this is mind I want to show some of the flowers in my garden. The first shows an early stage of the flowering spikes pushing upward.

Here is the same aloe a few weeks later. The actual flowers haven’t opened yet.

We have several of these aloes growing all over the garden.

They will look really beautiful once their flowers have opened to welcome birds, bees and ants. Then there is this very tall aloe which is almost past its prime.


25 thoughts on “MAY ALOES IN MY GARDEN

  1. Such rewarding plants to grew, Anne. I am not a very good gardener and as we go off caravanning so often my garden needs to thrive on neglect. My aloes are doing very well indeed and beginning to flower now too. They certainly bring great pleasure.


  2. I was one of those readers and this post amazes me to see the size of those Aloe blooms. It reminds me a little bit of the Yucca plants we used to have at our house years ago, but they were not that tall.


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