The road up Mountain Drive is narrow and rocky.

In places it is very rocky.

Yet, it so worth the trip for the magnificent views across town from the top!

There were butterflies aplenty skimming the top of the grass, chasing each other, or landing briefly on flowers, trees or even on the stones – where I photographed this orange beauty.

Other insects were burrowed into some of the flowers waving in the wind.

Several termite mounds show signs of repair – note the different coloured mud.

The Cussonia spicata (Cabbage) trees are in bloom, their greenish-yellow terminal double umbels of 8-12 spikes per unit dominant on the skyline.

Other interesting flowers are the bright red Burchellia bubaline (Wild pomegranate)

As well as the beautiful orange of Leonatis leonurus (Wild dagga / Lion’s tail)



The Elegant Grasshopper (Zonocerus elegans) reaches a length of around 5 cm. Its vivid colouration is so successful in deterring predators that these grasshoppers have no real need to escape – hence the underdeveloped wings. The Elegant Grasshopper also relies on its accumulated toxins for protection from predators, producing a yellow liquid through its exoskeleton. Although pretty to look at, these grasshoppers are considered a pest by farmers as they attack various crops such as soya beans, cotton and groundnuts.