From tantalising mist to clouds. A fortnight ago this column of dark clouds hovered over African Street:

A darkening prospect of rain loomed above Bathurst Street:

The clouds provided a dark contrast to Canterbury House in the foreground and the 1820 Settlers Monument on Gunfire Hill:

The promising clouds continued to boil and puff above the road leading to Stones Hill:

They knitted over the sky to form a widespread picture of hope:

On this occasion the clouds did not deliver their promise. This happens every now and then. Instead, last night and this morning a grey sky has leaked soft drops that make barely a sound and do not even wet the ground sheltered by leaves – yet it is most welcome!


Earlier this month we were treated to swirling clouds and a darkening sky followed by a short bout of rain.

If you look very closely, you might see a White-rumped Swift flying high against the clouds.

Puddles formed very quickly and the Urban Herd that happened to be grazing on the old golf course took advantage of the handy supply of water.

These puddles were very shallow and didn’t last for long.

I often wonder where these animals source their drinking water – these puddles must have been a boon to them.

Although the puddles were soon gone, the effect of that rain shower has been amazing in terms of greening up the grass and refreshing the other plants – apart from freshening the dust-laden air!