Over the past few weeks we have been spoiled with incredible swathes of pink flowers all over the garden, thanks to the blooming of the Dias cotinifolia trees. These pictures all show the same tree for comparison.

It is amazing to think that they looked dead only two months ago, with nary a sign of leaves, let alone flower buds.

The first sign of hope this summer came in the form of delicate leaves.

We were delighted when the first buds opened to reveal their pretty pink petals. These have been attracting a variety of birds, butterflies and bees, as well as insects such as ants.

Looking at the same tree now (one of several in my garden), you can hardly see the leaves for the flowers. From the shape of the flowers it is easy to see why they are commonly known as Pompom trees.

These trees grow prolifically and have self-seeded themselves all over the garden. Some Europeans may be familiar with them as they have apparently, given their hardy nature, been cultivated there for the last few centuries.