The weather is warming up and spiders of all sizes are coming out. This one was on my sink:

And this one lurked near the light switch in my study:

I remind myself that spiders are an effective home pest control for they eat mosquitoes, flies and and even clothes moths and so I leave them in peace to get on with their job.


The Flatties are back. Some of these Common Wall Spiders are small while others are large. They are all over the house, where they can be seen on the walls and the ceilings. While they do move during the day, they appear to be most active at night.

This one paid a visit to our bathroom. I don’t mind them at all for they are completely harmless and do us the favour of hunting for mosquitoes and flies (both of which are being rather pesky at the moment) as well as moths.

The ones frequenting our house are this brown to grey colour with stripes and bands. While they stand out on the walls, this colouring is particularly good for camouflaging them outdoors, where I occasionally see them on the rocks near the pool or on tree trunks.