After the chilly weather of the past few days, this morning is bright and mild. I spent a timed fifteen minutes sitting in one sunny place with my camera. This is what I saw:

A Black-eyed Bulbul (Dark-capped Bulbul) eyed me from the Cape Honeysuckle; it moved to another branch and gave me a good look-over before perching on the nectar feeder for a long drink; then it came down to peck at an apple not very far from me.

A fly that had been buzzing around inspected a brick.

A Cape White-eye flitted through the leaves to first drink from the nectar feeder, then it too came to taste the apple.

This Cape Dwarf Gecko, one of several around, came out to enjoy the sun with me.

A light plane flew overhead – our sky has been very quiet since the lock-down began in March.

Lastly, just fitting into my allotted fifteen minutes, a spider-hunting wasp alighted on a stone. I watched it move this way and that until it flew into the shrubbery.