Peeping through the short grass were some pretty magenta flowers.

Ipomoea oblongata1

They seem to be Ipomoea oblongata, also known as Turbina oblongata, and looked conspicuous in an otherwise rather drab-looking environment.

The flowers of this member of the morning glory family look almost too delicate to withstand the current heat and drought conditions, yet there were clumps of them along the path I was following. Pops of colour like this are uplifting and are a joy to see.


Blue, blue, my world is blue
Blue is my world since I’m without you …

So sang Marty Robins, associating blue with the feeling of sadness, as in ‘I am feeling blue’. Among the symbolic meanings ascribed to the colour blue is a feeling of calm and serenity; a sense of social distancing (in the sense before the arrival of the pandemic); and cold in terms of emotions. Then too, we talk about something happening ‘once in a blue moon’, or describe the bad start of a week as experiencing a ‘blue Monday’. Whatever your interpretation of blue might be, it is a natural colour only clouds and the cover of night can hide from us. A blue sky is a part of our world – how fortunate we are that it is not bright red!

Blue flowers include a morning glory:


The flowers of rosemary are also blue:

This flower arrangement has elements of blue:

I will leave you with this interesting image of a church tower that has been painted blue: