The weather has been too chilly for there to be much insect activity at night over the past few weeks. The first two featured are visitors to my study where this one came to inspect the texture of my work surface:

Followed by this one that was doing a quality check on the paper I use:

More interesting as far as their patterned wings are concerned are these two moths which have visited my bedroom recently. The first one tried to help me solve a crossword:

While the second thought it was raining inside the bottle.



Even though the autumnal weather means cooler nights, we still get visitors indoors whenever the temperature is warm enough. Here is my latest one:

As disruptive as they can be when I am trying to read in bed, I am always interested to get a closer look at the visiting moths courtesy of my cell phone. This one seems to have clearly defined nostrils – in fact, it almost looks as though there is a separate ‘face’ on it.