As you can tell, we have been visited by a variety of moths lately. We are heading towards a much colder spell of weather, so this will be the last moth that I will be showing you for a while:

The wings of this one looks as though it has been decorated with a silky fringe. These are actually fine hairs or a projection of scales that is known as the cilia.


Try as I might, this moth refused to budge from the magazine I was reading – hence the odd background.


It is a pity about the fluff on the floor, nonetheless, the patch of colour on this moth is intriguing – as is the ‘woolly’ head, which makes me think of a busby hat!


This tiny moth – compare with the winder of my wristwatch – came to keep me company last night:

Along with the onset of summer will come a variety of flying creatures attracted indoors by the lights at night. The mosquitoes have already begun to haunt the cooler evenings as we sit outdoors to enjoy a respite from the heat.