Even though the autumnal weather means cooler nights, we still get visitors indoors whenever the temperature is warm enough. Here is my latest one:

As disruptive as they can be when I am trying to read in bed, I am always interested to get a closer look at the visiting moths courtesy of my cell phone. This one seems to have clearly defined nostrils – in fact, it almost looks as though there is a separate ‘face’ on it.


Not everyone enjoys having their portrait taken. Some people are so camera-shy that they will turn away as soon as a lens appears to be pointing in their direction. I warned that with this 21-day lockdown in place my world would shrink and I would be seeking out things of interest close to home. A rather attractive moth alighted next to my bedside lamp. It didn’t mind me looking at it closely – until I picked up my cell phone. Then it showed me its heels – not in the sense of running away, more like turning its back on me (ignoring me). While that might have been an apt title, it would fail to focus on this rather intriguing pair of heels:

Two things may be of interest:

One does not have to leave one’s bed to pursue an interest in ‘wildlife’ / ‘nature’ photography.

It is Lockdown Day 12.