I have managed to get this far with the identification of this attractive flower that was prominent on our walks along the Tsitsikamma coastline: it seems to match the description of an Otholobium [otho Greek (to burst) + lobos (lobe)]. The photograph of Otholobium bracteolatum in the Field Guide to Wild Flowers of South Africa by John Manning isn’t all that clear for identification and the actual spikes of those flowers look a tad too high. The Internet provides several photographic options that match my photographs more comfortably – most of which nonetheless suggest it might be that particular flower after all.

Flowers are described as being blue, white and violet and the hairy aspects of the description can be clearly seen here.

This photograph is even clearer on that score.

The hairy qualities are evident even when the flowers look very new.

Whichever specific member of the family this pretty flower may belong to, they are known to grow along coastal slopes and flats from the south-western to the Eastern Cape.