One tires of simply walking around the block and getting barked at by the same dogs in the same places and stepping round the same sewerage leaks … every now and then it is good to walk to the end of the road and along the path decorated with (on this day) donkey droppings acting as a starter marker for a jaunt out of the suburb.

It doesn’t go far for it serves merely as a shortcut to the nominal industrial area and the road that bypasses the town. The area is not as barren or as uninteresting as it might appear at first glance. Tiny pelargoniums look up brightly:

Spiderwebs catch some of the 2mm of rain that fell during the night:

An abandoned hollowed out termite heap gives a glimpse of the layers inside – I am sorry about the litter, but felt disinclined to remove it sans gloves:

At the top of the low rise one gets a lovely view across town on this overcast day:

The return path wends it way through patches of long grass:

In several places termites have been hard at work repairing their heaps:

On our return, we meet a single cow with her calf:


One of the many pleasant walks to take in the Tsitsikamma Section of the Garden Route National Park is the Waterfall Day Trail.

I didn’t get as far as the waterfall, yet found plenty to enjoy along the stretch I covered. The path is clear to follow, with the sea on one side and the natural forest on the other.

Sturdy wooden bridges, such as this one, aid the crossing of some of the many streams that have cut their way down the mountain.

In places the narrow footpath was muddy.

This made it easy, however, to see the prints of antelope that had walked there earlier.

One would enter through pockets of shady forest and emerge into the sunshine to see beautiful seascapes and swathes of wild flowers.

Details along these walks include interesting rocks, flowers, lichen-covered trees, birds and insects. Each time the paths reveal something different and the views never fail to satisfy.