In search of a change of scenery, we decided to drive down the steep winding Woest Hill Pass which leads to the Southwell road that eventually takes one to the seaside town of Port Alfred. The pass has been cut through the side of the mountain, exposing the layers of rock:

On the opposite side of the road are lovely views of the Rietberg:

Along the way there are still many aloes in bloom:

One passes game farms, pineapple farms, quarries, goats and cattle. On this particular day we were fortunate to see roan antelope:

Thick bush lines much of the Southwell road:

Although the Woest Hill Pass is tarred, the rest of the road is gravel:

I was fortunate to spot a herd of impala ewes through the roadside grass and scrub:

I was still watching them when an impressive impala ram nudged his way into my view:


Roan antelope (Hippotragus equines) sport distinctive black and white facial markings, long pointed ears and both sexes have heavily ringed scimitar-shaped horns.

They are not your common-or-garden sight in the wild as they are a rare and endangered species which mainly survive in protected areas. This is why seeing them is such a special experience.

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