It doesn’t take much rain for the snails and slugs to appear.

The colours on this one’s shell look more beautiful when highlighted by the flash.

Slugs look so vulnerable sans a shell to creep into.

I was reminded of this yesterday when a Black-collared Barbet swooped down from a branch to scoop up a slug, which it swallowed with some difficulty. There was definitely no place to hide for that one!


I recently planted six marigold seedlings in the back of the bed. Although they were meant to grow tall, they were very root bound when I got them from the nursery and so I adjusted the height expectations accordingly. It was only a week or two before they flowered, providing a dash of yellow – albeit still low to the ground.

Upon surveying my garden two days ago, I noticed the marigolds seem to have disappeared! This morning I saw the culprit!

If ever a snail would show its tummy, I am sure this one’s would be bulging. Either it, or a friend, walked at some speed across the garden path about an hour later.

Goodbye Marigolds!