There was an intriguing sign outside the Calitzdorp post office:

It was so odd that I halted for a closer look:

This is what the sign announced:

Why would the post office be closed for that length of time?

It turned out that the sign did not actually relate to the closure of the post office, but to the small hair salon tucked behind the arch in the same building. The hairdresser found it amusing that so many people would pop in to ask why the post office would be closing!

I hope she gained a few more clients as a result.



We have become used to seeing posters  – usually relating to quick abortions – plastered on walls and lampposts. The local regional newspaper even carries colour advertisements in the classified section – columns long – in which people (with tiny photographs attached) extoll the virtue of one or other of these quacks, saying the money spent was well worth it. These people prey on the vulnerable, the poor, and the illiterate or ill-educated sections of our society as a whole. Why are they allowed to get away with this?

I was incensed to find this flyer tucked under my windscreen wiper the last time I was in town. Colour printing is still not cheap if one has it done commercially – another indication that these charlatans must be doing well. Judge for yourself: