Take your pick of packs of fresh meat at this country butchery in KwaZulu-Natal.

Choose from a Week Pack for R750,00 or a Month Pack for R2 100,00 or – this is the one that amused me – the Before Pay Day Pack for R500,00!


Appreciate what the farmers do to contribute to your braai.

Appreciate the role snakes play in nature.

What we REALLY need is a sign that reads I SWERVE FOR POTHOLES!

This would be in appreciation of preserving our tyres.


There was an intriguing sign outside the Calitzdorp post office:

It was so odd that I halted for a closer look:

This is what the sign announced:

Why would the post office be closed for that length of time?

It turned out that the sign did not actually relate to the closure of the post office, but to the small hair salon tucked behind the arch in the same building. The hairdresser found it amusing that so many people would pop in to ask why the post office would be closing!

I hope she gained a few more clients as a result.