The Great Fish Nature Reserve conserves the largest single tract of sub-tropical thicket in South Africa. A visit there during the driest part of the year in this semi-arid region does not raise any expectations of a display of indigenous flowers, and yet … prominent splashes of bright yellow draw attention to the beautiful blossoms of the Rhigozum obovatum, commonly known as Karoo Gold – at least that is the nearest identification I can find to match these lovely flowers. My sources suggest a later flowering period, but so many plants appear to be pushing the envelope these days. If you can provide a more accurate identification, please do.

Other pretty flowers observed include Jamesbrittenia microphylla

Hibuscus trionum, also known as Bladder Hibiscus

Leonatus leonuris, known as Wild Dagga

There were glimpses of Cape Honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis) in the thickets too.

I had hoped to photograph aloes – there were so many in bloom along the road to the reserve – but saw only three plants, only one of which was blooming. I suspect the Black Rhinos find these succulent plants are tasty and nutritious to eat!



    • Ek was nogal verbaas om sulke mooi blomme in hierdie koue tyd van die jaar te sien. Na die reen (wanneer dit kom!) sal die veld volop blomme wees. Dankie dat jy ingeloer het 🙂


  1. The Karoo Gold is really pretty. The Bladder Hibiscus. Do they come in other colors too? I once saw some blooms remarkably similar but in a different shade. Love the Wild Dagga too.


    • I am not surprised for they are very hardy plants. They are making a delightful show in the winter veld at the moment – splashes of bright orange against the drab background of dry grass.

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  2. Cape honeysuckle is very pretty. I think it’s my favorite out of them all, but they are all so pretty! And I’m not surprised that the black rhinos like them. I sometimes suck on the ends of the honeysuckles in my own backyard! 🙂

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