Double gates closing off a busy farm road carrying a lot of large, heavy traffic.

A little used farm gate.

A gate to a local shooting range.

A driveway gate in the suburbs.

A pedestrian garden gate wards off the cows.

My front garden gate.


21 thoughts on “GUARDIAN GATES

  1. Interesting look at gates. This post will have me looking at gates around town. There are four gates to my garden. Only one is interesting.


    • The Urban Herd often make their way through the suburbs to munch on the grassy verges and browse on the trees. I have sometimes seen them demolishing gardens which are either un-fenced or where the gate has inadvertently been left open.

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    • Thank you. We occasionally see herds of cattle being rounded up by a minder – usually a young man emerging from a municipal truck! Where they go to I am unsure, for they are mostly back where the were the following day.


    • Cattle grids have been a feature of country roads for decades. The only suburban one here that I am aware of used to be at the combined entrance of the (now defunct) golf course and the army base. The gate has since been removed, rendering the cattle grid useless. A drive through the farming areas in the Katberg yesterday illustrated the anomaly between the signposts warning of a cattle grid ahead and the reality that there too gates have been removed and the grids have been filled in.

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