One of the many positive aspects of spending time at Ebb and Flow is the opportunity to hear the rasping korr-korr-korr calls of Knysna Turacos in the thick forest lining the Touws River. These very beautiful birds abound in this region and it won’t take long for a pair of them to fly across the open lawns of the rest camp either to perch in one of the nearby trees or to disappear into the forest canopy.

This one perched in a Cape Fig (Ficus sur) and appears to be perusing its options – while I admired its striking features.

It did not seem to mind me pointing my camera in its direction – although its mate chose to hide among some higher branches.

The figs were definitely on the menu.

Once the Knysna Turaco had eaten its fill, it wiped its beak carefully on the branch.

It was a most satisfactory meal.

How can one resist the opportunity to photograph such a handsome bird! It certainly was a real thrill to have such a close view of this one for they can be rather elusive.


  1. Dit is so ‘n stunning voëltjie. Daardie wit oor die gesig! Het jy of iemand anders so rukkie terug ‘n foto van die Turaco opgehad. Ek was nou sommer net bly om meer foto’s van die spesie te sien.


  2. What a beautiful bird! The green along with the mask are so striking. Of course you could not resist taking some pictures. If I had been there, I would be snapping away, too.


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