I have devoted several posts lately to the beautiful display of indigenous yellow flowers that have brightened the veld this spring. These are gradually losing their lustre and are being replaced by a variety of cream, creamy-white or white flowers. This is what the open veld on the edge of town looked like on my walk on Friday morning.

Here is a closer view of these splashes of white.

A different variety of creamy flowers form much thicker clumps further along the road.

A closer view of them reveals some unexpected colour.

Then there are some trees that stand out thanks to their creamy flowers bobbing in the wind.

These too look beautiful from close-up.



  1. Anne, dit doen my hart goed as jy so op die natuur inzoom. Ek dink dis ñ gawe wat jy ontvang het. Jy sien raak wat ons ander altyd bly miskyk. Mag jy geseënd wees op jou wandelinge.🌺


    • The area shown in the first photograph is a paddock where we most often see cattle, but occasionally also spot lechwe or impala – all within five minutes of home πŸ™‚

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    • I think I am taking more notice of the wild flowers this season as it is the best ‘show’ we have had for some years – thanks to some early spring rain.


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  3. I’ve noticed here in the UK, and it seems to be the same where you are, that spring is yellow. Here in the UK, many spring flowers are yellow, and like you, as summer approaches, we get white ones.
    Isn’t that odd? Two countries so far apart with similar flower colours according to season.


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