Regular readers will know that I am a fan of Earl Grey tea. Along my tea journey I have discovered that some brands are more delicious than others – a few are to be avoided at all costs! We do not get a wide variety in this country; the two most common brands are both worth having and I keep my supply topped up. How dreadful to find no Earl Grey to drink!

Some will scoff at that remark for the fragrance and sophisticated scent created by the addition of the oil of bergamot orange peel is not everyone’s cup of tea. I was recently gifted a box of Loyd Earl Grey tea bags.

The tea clipper on the box plying its way across the darkening sea is a nod to the historical trips made across the ocean from the Far East to Europe, each ship carrying its precious cargo of tea leaves. If you have visited London, you might be familiar with the Cutty Sark which was among them. So, there is an air of mystery as well as an allusion to the magic referred to in the by-line, the magic experience. When you consider the origins of the tea trade, there is something ‘magical’ about the way leaves from the same plant can be conjured into creating a drink with different hues and tasting experience.

The box informs us that we are about to brew black tea with bergamot flavouring. I wonder what blend of black teas is used. It must be a blend or else we might have been enlightened about the origin of the tea. In fact, we do not even know where the tea is sourced from. What we do know is  that this tea is produced in Poland!

The proof of a tea is in its taste. Brewing a tea bag for the requisite five minutes produces a tea with a good amber colour.

It is a refreshing tea; has a pleasant taste; and is perfectly acceptable as a member of the Earl Grey stable. For those who would like to try Earl Grey but are put off by the aroma and the idea of drinking a ‘scented’ tea, this might be a good brand to start with. As someone who enjoys a strong tea, I find that although this makes a refreshing drink, it lacks a pronounced bergamot flavour. On balance, Loyd Earl Grey tea is worth a try and deserves a place in my tea cupboard.

25 thoughts on “LOYD EARL GREY TEA

  1. A! Again something about tea – and Earl Grey. I do not like a steong tea, I prefer it to be mild. Especially if black tea. But, I love the taste of bergamot. In Qazaqstan, you can even order Bergamot tea in restaurants. Quite tasty.


  2. Earl Grey has become my favorite, just behind Jasmine Green. A great start to my day. I favor loose tea above bagged. When my supermarket stopped carrying loose in my favorite brand (Rishi), I ordered bulk direct from the company. I take out enough to fill a tin and freeze the rest to keep it fresh. The flavor is so delicious!


    • I too much prefer the flavour of loose tea. I have never thought of freezing the leaves. Mind you, if I was able to purchase them in bulk it would be a sensible option. Rishi (not available here) seems to market a wide variety of teas.


  3. Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas. Just perfect for late afternoon. And, my husband’s name is Lloyd. I will have to check it out even though the tea’s Loyd only has one “l”. 😉


  4. I don’t like Earl Grey at all but because people knew that I liked good tea, they assumed that I would like Earl Grey and got it specially for me. I drank a lot of cups of it out of politeness.


  5. I lived on earl grey years ago, it has a lovely flavour. These days I very rarely drink any caffeinated tea and earl grey is better caffeinated! (The decaff varieties are horribly weak and mostly tasteless). Also I think the Bergamot (or maybe the tea itself) may upset my stomach a bit.

    The best one is probably Twinings. Is there a company you can get it from that will ship it to you? Alternatively there’s a company I buy from (called Simpli-Special) that has speciality teas and you might find some nice Earl Grey there (they do a lot of different teas.) I can let you have their web address if you like?


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