Having been investigating the contents of the feeding tray, this Southern Boubou perched on the edge of the bird bath. Given their propensity for skulking about in the undergrowth, it was a treat to see it so clearly out in the open.

Note the loose feather under its wing. Unfortunately the bird bath wasn’t very full, it being a day when we had no water in our taps, and so it had to bend far down to drink from the water.

It must have been thirsty, for it repeated this action several times. In between drinks it would remain perched on the edge and look around carefully before bending down for another one. Then it flew up to perch on a branch behind the bird bath, where it posed in the sun for a minute or two.

The loose feather is still clearly evident.


20 thoughts on “A BOUBOU AT THE BIRD BATH

    • We haven’t had proper rain here for six years now and our dams are dry. We receive water from the Orange River via the Fish River, but this is not enough to service the whole town every day. The municipality thus shuts the water off every second day to allow the reservoirs to fill.


      • OK, I understand now. We have had water rationing in the past as to watering the grass mostly, so people watered according to odd and even numbers for their home address. They might have had to impose that rule (which comes with a fine for disobeying it by the way) had we not had all the rain.


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