The bite of winter cold has arrived, especially in the early mornings. Gusty winds swirl around the garden bringing chilly air with them that seeps under doors and finger their way through windows. Trees that have until now been holding onto their yellowing leaves let go, allowing eddies of leaves to dance their dervish dances before nestling down to blanket the swimming pool, the lawn and to collect along the garden path.

There are very few clusters of the bright yellow canary creeper flowers that trailed over bushes and twined up tree trunks. These large heads of yellow have turned into small puffballs of seeds highlighted by the low sun, ready to burst forth in the wind to find a suitable spot in which to start another river of yellow blossom next autumn.

A variety of the leaves that swirl around in the wind collect in banks against the garden wall and in small drifts in hollows – anything that will halt their constant movement causes a damming up of leaves that are scarcely worth sweeping away for the next wind will scatter them liberally about.

So, having begun with the winter view of our garden path, I leave you with a winter view of a country road.


27 thoughts on “WINTER 2021

  1. Except for the drying leaves it looks like our summer. I am sure it doesn’t feel like summer tho. You sound so poetic regarding the changes of the season.


    • It is good to savour the best of each season instead of wishing – especially winter – away. While it gets cold here, we do not experience snow πŸ™‚


  2. So hard to envision Winter in your part of the world as most of our country suffers through this horrible heat wave. My boss visited South Africa in late December/early January and we were having a particularly brutal Winter, cold-wise and snow-wise and he talked (complained) incessantly of the oppressive heat while on vacation.


      • Yes, it’s been really hot here Anne, setting all kinds of records, coupled with the flooding, which they have referred to as a once-in-a-500-year-flooding event. I wish we could help you out with some of our water.


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