On this sunny Sunday it is worth taking a close look at what is in my garden:



golden shower creeper

sea lavender


25 thoughts on “A CLOSE LOOK AT MY GARDEN

    • I know dandelions are the curse of many gardeners. Given our long periods of drought, I have accepted their presence for the flowers are important for bees and butterflies. I too have read about their edible leaves, but have not experienced that degree of hunger yet πŸ™‚ Once the grass grows enough to mow, the dandelions get cut down with it and we start all over again.

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    • It is a very hardy plant indeed that grows in coastal conditions as well as inland, where we are. It does not appear to mind the drought or the cold and requires little maintenance – not sure about your cold though!

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      • Yes, I will enjoy yours and you have quite a few to share. We had a beautiful Fall weekend and I returned to the Henry and Clara Ford Estate. They still had some perennials and a lot of roses in Clara’s garden, despite dipping down to near freezing two nights in a row. Bees and butterflies as well!

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