Two kinds of moss growing in the shady parts of my lawn:


A closer look at this one:



As we will be away for a while, I thought of taking stock of our garden this morning. Here is a frog rescued from the swimming pool:

The Hairy Golden Orb-weaver spider is still standing guard over the front path. If anything, its web is even larger than before. I caught it in the midst of its breakfast:

Moving towards a shady part of the garden, my eyes lit up at the sight of a few Crocosmia blossoms:

The carpet of moss under the trees is doing well, especially after a light shower of rain yesterday:

Even though something has been attacking the zinnia plants growing in a pot, I was pleased to see this bud a day or two ago:

Which, by today, had opened to reveal the beauty within:


Having walked down the Dassiekrans path from the top of Mountain Drive, we ascended through the forest.

Apart from the sweet dampness and the shadows cast by the trees, I was struck by the variety of mosses covering the tree trunks, creating an atmosphere of magical beauty.

There was lichen too.

Instead of the crunching of dry leaves underfoot, which is what we generally experience during this drought, we walked on a beautifully damp, soft carpet of variegated hues made by the leaf litter.

It is through this mulch that a young cussonia tree has started its journey towards the light.