A message on my phone reminded me that I had photographed these dahlias on this day last year. Naturally, I went out to have another look at these delightfully daring dahlias that are the two survivors of a punnet of six seedlings planted some years ago. They have survived the heat and the drought – there was no sign of them for a couple of ears in a row – and here they are.

Their leaves appeared after the first rain at the beginning of November. Since then they have grown taller and are looking robust and healthy. The red one usually has two blooms at once – I am only showing you the one as the other has been chomped by something.

The creamy yellow one has a more complicated structure of petals and has only ever shown one bloom at a time.

They are providing a welcome spot of colour as we enter the festive season.


  1. How exhilarating to have a red dahlia in the garden now along with a gorgeous yellow one to cheer you on through the season.


  2. A happy surprise! Being tubers, I expect they have reserves that can get them through drought. Not hardy here, I have to dig and store mine over winter. I envy those who can just leave them in the ground!


  3. Dahlias were my mother’s favourite flower. Such a variety of types and blooms! Our family are not great gardeners, but she only once tried to grow them in a garden. She forgot to water them so it wasn’t a great success. I have never tried, but I read they can be grown in pots so I shall try, one day.


    • I am no great gardener either. These were given to me as seedlings and, apart from watering them, they have to survive on their own 🙂


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