Patterns are all around us. Look at these leaves against the sun:

The lines and holes in a long-dead Eucalyptus tree trunk:

Then there is this stripe in a stone found next to the road:

16 thoughts on “NATURAL PATTERNS

  1. I am a collector of those stones with stripes in them. I think they are fascinating. When I get to a place that has lots of stones I just have to look at them. I have found that in some places they are plentiful. Around where I live they are not plentiful and rarely seen.


    • Thank you very much. I often see them at the turn-around point on my walk around our end of the suburb and on this day the low sun made them appear appeallingly attractive.


  2. Interesting with the stripes and holes in the tree isn’t it? I wrote last year about a huge Willow tree in a park near my home. I remembered going to the park with friends as a pre-teen in the Summer months as they had activities there and we used to take our lunch and sit under that tree. A bad storm split it and I took pictures of the damaged tree (which is still standing and looking quite dilapidated, just a shadow of its former self) and a neighbor walked over and showed me where it had carpenter ants that had tunneled throughout the tree, making it unstable, so thus the massive branch came crashing down in a storm. The tunnels were fascinating to see.


    • Thank you for this interesting contribution, Linda. You have been blessed to live in the same area for a long time; you must know it very well.


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